deBono Thinking Systems

STARMANSHIP & Associates officially teamed up with deBono Thinking Systems in 2005. The founder, Dr. Edward de Bono is renowned for "parallel thinking" and the Six Thinking Hats.

Since 1991 many organizations have been using deBono Thinking Systems’s tools regularly and effectively to report dramatic results in increased productivity and creativity, reduced meeting time, and improved attitudes with fewer grievances among team members. The products, services, events, treaties, and negotiations initiated or resolved using the approaches learnt in their well-known courses are many. Their courses have been adopted by businesses around the world, studied by governments, promoted by peace institutes, required by schools, and taught in prisons. Today, most Fortune 500 companies, many governments and school systems, and many thousands of individuals around the world use some or all of deBono's thinking methods regularly, with astounding results.

STARMANSHIP & Associates is the exclusive licensee in Lebanon.