Raja Haddad

Owner and Managing Director
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After completing his MBA at Morehead State University in Kentucky, Raja Haddad launched his career in 1980. He started in a marketing and sales management position at one of the largest industrial groups in Lebanon and the Middle East: Indevco Group (Sanita, Lebanon - Napco, KSA). He went up the corporate ladder there for ten years before joining Abou Adal Group, a leading international brands distributor (L'Oreal, Beecahm, Colgate Palmolive, Lacoste, Seiko, Dupont, and more). He was the Marketing and Commercial Director for six years. From the start of his career, he dedicated time to teaching at the American University Of Beirut, St. Joseph University, and Notre-Dame University and become known as a passionate teacher. In 1995, Raja Haddad saw a market need and this is how STARMANSHIP & Associates was created. Today it is one of the most reputable training organizations in Lebanon and the Middle East. 
In addition to his strong academic background and international connections, Raja Haddad has solid practical experience which enriches his approach to training. He has given public workshops for over thousands executives and hundreds of in-house seminars. He is not only in demand for this training expertise but for his proven marketing and sales knowledge. His consultancy work has assisted more than 75 organizations in Lebanon and the MENA region.