Leading At The Speed Of Trust®

Leading at the SPEED of TRUST teaches participants how others perceive their trustworthiness from their personal TQ™ (trust quotient) report. They understand the real, measurable Trust Taxes they might be paying without realizing it and learn how to change these Trust Taxes into Trust Dividends, which are the benefits that come from growing relationships of trust. Participants learn how to make action plans to build Trust Accounts with all key stakeholders and begin using the Language of Trust as an important cultural lever. As leaders forge the path to a new culture of trust, organizations will reap immediate returns as well as enduring long-term returns in the form of:
• Increased speed to market
• Increased shareholder value
• Accelerated growth
• Enhanced innovation
• Improved collaboration
• Stronger partnering
• Better execution
• Heightened loyalty
In a nutshell, doing business at the “Speed of Trust” dramatically lowers costs and increases profits and influence.