Promises Promises!™

By forcing people to deal with the pressures and obstacles of interdependent teams, Promises, Promises powerfully demonstrates the strong relationship between quality communication and quality results. To meet their goals and become a United League of Nations, all teams must get the right resources to the right people according to their needs and deadlines. As newly elected politicians representing one of 10 countries, participants must fulfill the promises they made to their constituents, no matter how outrageous! Operating in an environment of scandal, intrigue, fun and politics, participants grapple with the needs of their constituents and neighboring countries and wade through cultural barriers, lack of trust and poor communication to meet their goals. Participants walk away from Promises, Promises! understanding that everyone within an organization is both a supplier and a customer. The results are: team unity is built; increased trust; internal customer service boosted; clear communication; greater productivity through efficient processes and decreased cycle times.