What We Offer

STARMANSHIP® & Associates offers unparalleled training workshops, training measurement tools, resources for continual professional development, and consultancy services that meet the diverse needs of all sectors from banking to insurance, industrial, pharmaceutical, educational, fashion, media, publishing, IT, NGOs, F&B, retail, energy, and more. 

STARMANSHIP® & Associates is a superior training provider that is not just focused on courses. We’re essentially about results, change, and the overall experience. We offer the means, tools, and know-how needed to enhance your skills and take your strengths and talents further. We’re here so you can capitalize on your true potential. 

Training Workshops

We know you have different needs at different times. This is why we offer personalized private workshops that have been creatively designed to address your precise requirements and unique context in addition to regular public workshops. Our highly acclaimed workshops center on several key areas:

Regular lectures are not the most effective way to transmit knowledge and skills since they are dull and uninspiring. Our signature workshops are structured to make the content memorable and useful, long into the future. They are engaging, dynamic and focus on the active engagement of participants. This is the catalyst for better results and a more beneficial learning experience. What makes our workshops even more cutting edge are our numerous exclusive affiliations with renowned international names. These major names heavily invest in R&D and we in turn benefit from their groundbreaking findings and developments. This guarantees we always offer the latest and most up-to-date training workshops and content. explore more

Training measurement tools

STARMANSHIP® & Associates offers training measurement tools so we can design and recommend tailored training that optimally meets your real needs and specific goals. We measure certain key aspects to drive better performance by building on your strengths. The training measurement tools focus on different aspects such as sales, communication, productivity and managerial competencies. explore more

Consulting Services

At STARMANSHIP® & Associates, we use our own long-standing expertise and in-depth insight into the current market to offer exceptional consulting services. Focusing mainly on sales, we deliver targeted advice, effective plans and strategies, and results-oriented recommendations. read more

Soundview Executive Book Summaries

Staying up-to-date with the latest important publications in the field can be extremely challenging given the pressing demands of work and life. And yet, reading up on essential business related topics can be the key to better results, positive development, and self-enrichment. STARMANSHIP® & Associates is here to help you grow professionally in the most time effective way. This is why we have partnered with Soundview Executive Book Summaries to provide you with outlines of key points and summaries of full-length business books in quick and easy-to-read portable (digital) and print formats. explore more

Executive Store

STARMANSHIP® & Associates is dedicated to giving you everything you need to work on your professional self-development. Our Executive Store boasts a wealth of books, motivational posters, and even gift items that promotes productivity and creativity. Browse the contents to get inspired. explore more