Rita Diab Doumit

Senior Facilitator
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Facilitators Team

Rita Diab Doumit has a Master's degree in Business Administration and a B.S. in Business from the Lebanese American University. She joined STARMANSHIP & Associates in 2006 as a trainer and facilitator for both public and in-house workshops.
Today, she is a talented trainer who has honed her skills and presents a series of views and tactics with a combination of fact, humor, insights, and practical concepts that participants can immediately apply to achieve higher value decisions and results.
Rita Diab plays a central role in designing training modules. She builds on her extensive international experience in training and development, leadership, productivity, sales and service management. In addition to her work in Lebanon, she has worked in Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Yemen and Tanzania. Rita Diab Doumit’s exposure extends to several sectors: banking, insurance, financial institutions, governmental institutions, education, NGO’s, retail, pharmaceutical, medical, manufacturing, FMCG, hospitality, advertising, telecommunications, and more. Rita Diab has successfully facilitated hundreds of training sessions.